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Justine Woodard McKnight, Archeobotanical Consultant, operates as a home-based business in Severna Park, Maryland. The office and laboratory facilities are located in a newly renovated basement suite, and flotation and soil storage facilities are housed in an adjacent outbuilding.

The laboratory maintains a comprehensive comparative reference collection of plant materials which consists of a modified herbarium and carbonized examples of economically useful plant parts (wood fibers, seeds, nuts) which are on hand to confirm taxonomic identifications. A comprehensive reference library includes over 800 volumes and thousands of articles germane to ethnobotany. The facility enjoys the additional advantage of close proximity and access to the National Agricultural Library, the Federal Archives, and various independent research facilities in the Nation's capitol.

Soil flotation can be conducted on-site year-round, or flotation machines can be transported to the field for more efficient processing of large-scale archaeological projects. Flotation-processing is accomplished using a variety of systems, including a state-of-the art Flot-Tech machine, a modified SMAP-type (shell mound archaeological project) machine, and a manual bucket-type system.

Laboratory appointments include binocular microscopes capable of magnification to 40X and an electronic balance accurate to 0.001 grams. Micro-photographic equipment includes digital and SLR cameras for documenting botanical finds and images are available for any project undertaken.

Archival-quality materials are used for botanical artifact curation and storage. All analyzed macro-floral samples are packaged for maximum protection using approved vials, vinyl bags and boxes.

The laboratory is equipped with two computer workstations and laptop. Color printing and scanning are performed in-house. Presentation materials (slides, transparencies, maps and graphics) are available. McKnight offers creative landscape graphics and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) renderings of subject landscapes in ArcView GIS and various graphics platforms.